Why Invest

Invest in a fun, profitable, purposeful business, with a very bright future, that has incredible impact on the lives in your community.

Why Invest In An Urban Air Franchise?


The Brand

From a single park built from the hands of our CEO to an award-winning top franchise in the nation, our brand is loved and highly desired. We are in the business of creating unique experiences – memories for the whole family. Urban Air realizes that it has a bigger role to play in the community other than just making money. Urban Air realizes that it provides a destination that impacts the lives of families. This is the reason we continue to invest to be the leader in the market today. It’s also why both customers and investors are eager to be part of the Urban Air story.


Nonstop Innovation

Urban Air Adventure Parks is the market leader for our commitment to nonstop innovation. We’re relentless in our pursuit of new ways to help franchisees connect with their local market and run their parks more efficiently. From patented technology to market-shattering attraction innovation to building an easy-to-execute, state-of-the-art, fast-casual cafe inside a theme park, Urban Air is and will continue to be the most innovative brand in the industry. Urban Air’s unique atmosphere creates barriers to entry for possible competition can’t keep up! 

Our trailblazing team is continuously searching for new and creative ways to invest and remain on the cutting edge. This could be in sales & marketing, technology, food & beverage, attractions, training, driving customer loyalty and more. 

Urban Air vs. The Other Guys

Invest in Adventure

Top 10 Reasons Why Urban Air is an AWESOME Investment


We are fast innovators and market leaders.

Urban Air’s unique atmosphere creates barriers to entry for possible competition and they can't keep up.

Each Park is uniquely designed, while creating a brand that guests recognize around the U.S. and soon-to-be globally.

Our data-driven approach and systems are in place to allow our franchisees to monitor each park's performance and identify opportunities for continued improvement.

Urban Air Adventure Park supplies attractions at a fraction of the cost of what competitors would charge IF they even had access to the attractions like ours.

Safety and Training is a top priority. Urban Air records all incidents and has some of the best incident rates in the industry.

Landlords and developers love having our brand as one of their tenants.

We identify the top locations, in the trade area, while doing an analytic study on each location.

Our marketing platform is unique, measurable, and leverages data.

With insights into our type of guests, we are able to identify the right markets as well as understand how to effectively market to our guests around a park.

Not sure what type of franchisee you are?